A significant innovation in terms of drainage for the housebuilding industry is the increasing use of porous materials. A recent example from F&T Goodwin was Hesler Homes’ Moores Farm development at Foxton in Cambridge – a project undertaken in association with Asphalt Civil Engineering.

This luxury development features 15 two, three, four and five bedroom houses and quality is key throughout, both in terms of design and the building materials used. The access roads and driveways have all been laid with Tarmac Ultidrive to provide a premium solution that supports the Sustainable Urban Drainage (SUDs) for the development. delivers efficient drainage. The work involved three layers – 150mm of gravel porous stone, a 90mm binder course layer and a 30mm surface course. This unique combination disperses rain water quickly and efficiently, with no need for gulleys or manholes. This means surface water does not build up, providing safer driving conditions i.e. reduced risk of frost build-up in winter. Ultidrive is incredibly durable and also provides enhanced fuel resistance, while meeting all planning requirements.

F&T Goodwin director Cathal O’Boyle commented: “Permeable asphalt is proving increasingly popular with housebuilding customers looking for a hard wearing, quality road surface as it brings a number of practical benefits which ultimately provides mean increased safety.”

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